Spray Park Advantages

What are the advantages of a spray park?

Spray parks bring communities together offering a fun, interactive, and accessible recreational space. Due to the many benefits of installing a splash pad, they have become more popular across America. These municipal aquatic play spaces provide community enrichment and socialization for all demographics. These water play attractions offer opportunities for children’s sensory and mental growth to develop, families to come together and socialize and municipalities to lower costs.


Considering building a splash park?

Water Odyssey’s here to help. Look to some of our previous water play projects for inspiration. Water-oriented attractions benefit not only children, but the whole community as municipalities aim to increase community engagement and spark inspiration. Let us assist you through the process of developing your vision of an interactive water play space with our in-house splash pad design services. We can't wait to bring your vision to life!

Download our developed list of splash park installation advantages for your next city project below.


Child Advantages

  • Splash pads or water playgrounds, bring children outside and promote engagement with nature
  • Interaction with water play features, as well as using their imagination, boosts learning and growth
  • It’s a fun time for toddlers to tweens to engage in water play
  • Provides a place to be active and cool off at the same time

Community Advantages

  • Promotes socialization of youth and families due to the square footage of the water playground, inviting people to engage with each other
  • Offers another source of youth and family entertainment besides the movies, bowling, etc.
  • Splash pads can be placed within a residential area or within an urban area for different demographics
  • If locally funded, splash pads can promote local organizations or businesses with signage

Municipal Advantages

  • Splash pad can be built to serve as a multi-purpose purpose park – change purpose according to season
  • Depending on the type of splash pad system chosen, water usage can be reduced
  • Easy to switch out spray features to adapt to the time or appeal to the area
  • Level surface and sensory aspects make splash pads fun for children and families with disabilities