What to consider before installing a splash pad?


Key Considerations

Deciding to build a splash pad requires many key considerations before ground is broken. From analyzing the cost, to intended usage, to maintenance, detail-oriented decisions must be made to establish the vision of the aquatic play space. During the initial stages of designing your spray park, our project coordinators will guide you through each step of the splash pad design process and perfectly tailor your water play space to your community.

Water Odyssey offers unique aquatic play solutions from architectural spray features to highly-themed splash pad equipment and filtration systems to bring compelling aquatic play experiences to your communities. We bring cutting-edge technology to the design and manufacturing of water play products providing you with the highest quality play equipment available. Splash pads bring inspiration to your community.  Here are some key considerations to help us plan your unique area:


Budget Considerations

  1. What is your spray park budget? Determine your funding, as this will dictate the splash pad design from size to the water play products available for installation.
  2. How will your splash pad access water? Consider the installation, pumping equipment, and filtration needed for the spray park. Choose between a flow-through system or a recirculation system. A recirculation system may be required for your splash pad design according to your city, local, or state code.
  3. Any restricting building codes in place? The budget must accommodate construction limits such as city and state codes, utility costs, and accessibility.
  4. How will the splash pad be coated? Consider types of surfacing or finishes needed for the water play area and their cost. Water Odyssey recommends broom finished concrete.

Design Considerations

  1. What is the intended usage, vision, and purpose of the splash pad? Review the goals for building the splash pad.
  2. What age group is the splash pad catering to? Age groups determine which water features are available for installation.
  3. Will the water play area be customized and/or have a theme? Custom community hallmarks can be manufactured and incorporated within the splash pad.
  4. Any design limitations? Consider restriction effects such as budget, utilities available, location and topography, and size accommodations within the community while creating your splash pad design.

Accessibility & Inclusion Considerations

  1. By nature, due to their design, splash parks are inclusive and follow ADA guidelines. The layout, placement of features, along with access to the water play area must be accessible to all ages and abilities.
  2. Where will the spray park be located? Ensure the park area and amenities are accessible to all ages and abilities.
  3. Will the splash pad be designed for multi-seasonal use? Consider the use of the pad in the winter months and effects on mobility.

Check out U.S. Dept of Justice Requirement for existing facilities Title II and Title III and U.S. Access Board for 2010 Accessibility Standards


Amenity Considerations

  1. Will signage be added to the splash pad? Sponsors, park hours, and rules are popular postings.
  2. Will vandal-resistant features be added/built with the implementation of a splash pad? Determine if fences or locks should be enforced after hours.
  3. Will lightning detection systems be added as a safety feature? Consult the goal of the splash pad within the community and budget.
  4. Will additional park amenities be added such as restrooms, shade structures, seating area, lighting or trash receptacles? Additional amenities around the pad boost community involvement and attraction.

Maintenance Considerations

  1. Will your splash pad be equipped as a flow-through system or a recirculation system? Based on system type and spray feature selection, understand what it will take to maintain your splash pad and have a plan in place.
  2. Will you have a budget for on-going maintenance? Maintenance of a spray park is key to continual park health.
  3. Will you have the staff to support the on-going maintenance required to keep your splash pad clean, safe, and working properly? Regular maintenance is vitally important to keeping your splash pad in operation throughout the season.
Have a plan, budget, and staff to support your facility.