Jumping Frog aqua slide with optional water effect.

Jumping Frog

This Aqua Slide is designed for ages 2-5 with a single straight chute that exits below the frog’s mouth. Optional water effects include and arching fan jet from the frog’s mouth for enhanced play value.


  • Can enhance your facility's theme
  • Coated with Aqua Armor - the most durable Chlorine, UV, and vandal resistant coating in the industry
  • Interchangeable with other Fun Forms™ spray features
  • ASTM compliant


  • Model #: F1008
  • Flow Requirements Icon Flow Requirements: 8 GPM, *30 GPM
  • Water Conserving Version Flow Requirements Icon Water Conserving Version: N/A
  • Dimensions Icon Dimensions: 6'-8"L X 3'-0"W X 4'-0"H
  • Made in the USA Icon Manufactured in the USA
  • ASTM Compliant Icon ASTM Standards Compliant